The Wigan postcodes with the most dangerous drivers

Drivers are normally banned when they hit 12 points, but a legal loophole in England means they could be let off the hook if they convince a magistrate or judge that they would face “exceptional hardship” otherwise.

The DVLA publishes its figures by postcode district – the digits that come before the space in a full postcode.

Analysis by the JPIMedia Data Unit has revealed there are 71 dangerous drivers with 12 or more points on Wigan’s roads.

The worst offender has clocked up a whopping 51 points to their name.

Some postcodes in England cross over council boundaries however, so we could be counting drivers who live over the border in a neighbouring area.

Here is a ranking of the postcode districts in Wigan that are home to the most dangerous drivers. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.

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