‘Generation Greta’ taking greater care after fests

Gen Z festival goers are increasingly taking their tents with them after festivals (photo: @F.Guion)
Gen Z festival goers are increasingly taking their tents with them after festivals (photo: @F.Guion)

A new survey of 15.000 young Brits, carried out by Decathlon UK, found that Gen Z festival goers are the most environmentally conscious festivallers, with 70 per cent of 18-24 year olds stating that they would not leave a tent behind because of the negative environmental impact it would have.

Interestingly, the second most prominent reason for not leaving a tent behind, which was true for a majority of respondents (53 per cent), was the fact that they had bought a good quality tent which they planned to use again.

This could perhaps mark the beginning of the end of ‘single-use tents’ being bought for the sole purpose of using it for one festival and then leaving it behind. As consumers are investing more in their equipment, with the intention of keeping it for years, not days.

Gen Z now take tents with them after festivals

Decathlon hopes that, as the new generation of eco-conscious festival goers replace the older generations – festival pollution will become less and less of a problem as time goes by.

Since they now offer tent repairs at their in-store workshops – they hope that even those with damaged tents will bring them home.

Decathlon UK’s Head of Brand, Frances Sue, said: “It’s inspiring to see the younger ‘Generation Greta’ leading an environmental revolution at festivals this year. Young people are becoming more and more ecologically minded and this will be reflected in their behaviour at major festivals throughout the summer.

“In the context of a major cost of living crisis, the idea of buying something like a tent for one ‘single use’ seems crazy. All the indicators suggest that people are investing a little bit more of their money in something that is expertly designed and will last for multiple festivals, camping trips and garden sleepovers for years to come.

Discarded festival tents are becoming less of an environmental problem thanks to Gen Z (photo: pexels)

“When looking for a festival tent, especially during the summer months, a blackout feature can be a lifesaver during those early morning sunrises. Make sure you think about the type of weather conditions you’ll be camping in – pick a tent that can withstand the wind and rain, as well as the sun.”

For more information about Decathlon’s 45 stores in the UK and how to reduce your environmental impact at a festival visit www.decathlon.co.uk website.

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