By George, modern take on mythical tale coined!

World’s first bi-metallic sovereign coins depict modern take on St George slaying the dragon myth
World’s first bi-metallic sovereign coins depict modern take on St George slaying the dragon myth

Released as part of the nation’s ongoing Platinum Jubilee celebrations, leading coin expert Hattons of London has created the stunning 2022 St George and the Dragon Bi-Metallic Gold Sovereign Range, which will bring to market the first sovereigns to feature both 22-carat yellow and rose gold together, writes Chris Page.

The image of St George vanquishing the dragon has appeared on British sovereign coins since 1817, with the earliest design created by Italian engraver Benedetto Pistrucci. Since then, a select handful of designers have been commissioned to create their own interpretations of the scene with this latest iteration created by artist Jody Clark, the designer behind the portrait of Her Majesty that appears on all current British currency.

The latest collection truly is a world’s first, bringing together an inner section minted in 22-carat yellow gold surrounded by an outer ring of stunning 22-carat rose gold. The unique design shows St George on horseback about to slay the terrifying dragon with a spear. The reverse features Jody Clark’s portrait of Her Majesty.

The full collection offers coins ranging from the One-Eighth Sovereign, measuring 11mm in diameter up to the largest in the collection – the £50 5oz Sovereign, measuring 65mm in diameter. The sovereigns, with the exception of the Quarter and Half Sovereigns, can be purchased individually or, purchased as a set, including the Prestige Set, which includes the One-Eighth Sovereign as well as the Quarter, Half, and Full Sovereigns.

The collection comes hot on the heels of sell-out ranges created in honour of this year’s Jubilee including the Platinum Jubilee Monarch collection, which was the fastest-selling in Hattons of London’s history. The range also follows the popular Prince William Range, created in honour of the future king’s 40th birthday.

Hattons of London MD Simon Mellinger said: “We’re delighted to launch another unique tribute with a collection that truly reflects the magnitude of the Platinum Jubilee”.

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